Hope Restored for Generations to Followhaiti Spring Campaign Hope Restored Mothers Americas

With a new well and the support of local Living Water International staff, FanFan has hope for future generations. Read more about the legacy of hope he—and other mothers and fathers in Haiti—can now pass along.

READ MORE published: May 13, 2013

Thanks for Loving Moms Around the World!Mother's Day Mercilia haiti Spring Campaign Americas

Thanks for Loving Moms Around the World!

Thank you for helping us celebrate mothers like Mercilia in Haiti. Now that her community has access to safe water, she can spend more time enjoying her family rather than struggling to provide for their basic needs. Read her story to see the transformation of Mercilia's village.

READ MORE published: May 12, 2013

Double Your Impact with Generosity Water!Generosity Water WASH haiti Spring Campaign La Source

Double Your Impact with Generosity Water!

When you support the life-giving work of local Living Water International staff in Haiti, now the impact of your gift will be doubled thanks to Generosity Water! Every dollar you give in response to our work in Haiti will become $2 simply because Generosity Water wants to restore more hope—in Haiti and around the world!

READ MORE published: April 29, 2013

Terre Noire's Daily Struggle for Waterhaiti Terre Noire Spring Campaign Americas General

Imagine believing you would die before your community could drink clean water—burdened by an entire life of suffering. This is the reality for families in Terre Noire, Haiti. Follow their journey for water through this gallery. Then visit water.cc/water.

READ MORE published: April 25, 2013

No Water, No Hope in Haiti—Yet!haiti Spring Campaign Terre Noire Americas General

In Asephie Pierre's village, Terre Noire, animals defecate in the river where she and her family collect their drinking water. Would you let your family drink water containing animal waste? Mothers like Asephie have no choice in Haiti. No water, no hope—yet!

READ MORE published: April 24, 2013