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Ebola Update: Sanitation Facility in ProgressEbola africa Sierra Leone Staff Africa Field Notes

Ebola Update: Sanitation Facility in Progress

In addition to clean water, proper hygiene and sanitation are critical in the fight against Ebola.


Ebola Update: Well Rehab in Molley TownEbola Liberia Well Rehabilitation Africa Field Notes

Before Living Water International’s team in Liberia rehabilitated Molley Town’s Afridev water pump, the community’s 53 families were at great risk of contracting Ebola. Now with a repaired well, hygiene and sanitation lessons, and a five-person water committee established by our staff, Molley Town is equipped to maintain the well and protect itself against Ebola. Read more about the rehabilitation and help us do more to fight the deadly disease!


2014 Gala Honors Women of the Water CrisisGala lucy Alex and Ani Kenya Liberia Americas General

This year’s gala celebrated the women of the developing world—the heroes of the water crisis! We want to empower them to do more good, and it all starts with girls like Lucy. With the support our gala raised, we can help more girls like her grow into women who will triumph over the water crisis. Read more to check out the night's highlights.


Sierra Leone's Quarantine UpdateEbola Sierra Leone Staff Quarantine africa Do Something Africa Field Notes

Sierra Leone's Quarantine Update

Thank you for praying with us this during Sierra Leone's three-day lockdown quarantine. Read more about the successes and challenges of this past weekend, and what you can do to help our staff continue to fight Ebola.


Ebola Update: Liberia Response Restores HopeEbola Liberia Africa Field Notes

Ebola Update: Liberia Response Restores Hope

Liberian communities that have been fervently praying for practical results are heartened by the recent international response. We’re grateful to be part of the solution, thanks to your support. Since our last update, Living Water Liberia has continued to make headway against the disease. Read more to find out how.



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